​From Hard Times to Hard Cash: Homeless Colorado Man Wins $500,000 on Lotto Scratch-Off

Homeless Man Wins $500,000 on Colorado Lottery Scratch Off Card

You know what they say, you gotta be in it to win it! Michael Engfors of Aspen, CO hit the jackpot for $500,000!

Engfors knows better than most that the struggle is real! He's been homeless for 6 years, after losing his business and going through a divorce. Now? He’s rolling in cash! The 60 year-old bought a $10 scratch off lottery ticket at a local gas station last week. The clerk says Engfors plays regularly, and usually wins a buck or two. But this time, he went outside, and came back in waving the winning ticket, shouting, “I won, I won!”

He beat the odds 840,000 to-1. And then he walked away with a HALF-MILLION DOLLARS.

Moral of the story: hang in there...your lucky day could be right around the corner. #winning

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