"If Black, Shoot Them": Former Assistant Police Chief Told Recruit to Fire at Black Juveniles

Cop Racist Messages

We seriously can’t make these stories up. A white cop in Louisville, KY has resigned after sending out a bunch of racist messages telling a recruit to shoot black juveniles!

A recruit reached out to former Assistant Police Chief Todd Shaw on Facebook, seeking advice from a superior with 20 years of experience. The recruit asked about the right way to deal with a certain situation. Shaw’s response? “F*** the right thing,” he reportedly wrote back. “If black, shoot them.” Shaw even sent messages that were overtly sexual, telling the unnamed recruit to sleep with these kids’ parents if he could! Wait, what?!

The recruit was said to have sent back racist messages as well, all of which were discovered by Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell. The incident was eventually taken to court for a possible criminal prosecution against the fallen leader for his racist comments.

In these messages, Shaw took things one step further, telling this recruit that housing projects need to be torn down. "For years I have seen the blacks live off us [sic] and putting them in one big housing area breeds HUGE problems [sic]" Shaw reportedly wrote. "We don't see a Muslim problem around here we just see lazy ass people that don't want to work and that entices more Mexicans to cross the border and take the American jobs." Unbelievable.

Shaw was said to have tried to keep these disgusting messages under wraps, but a judge ruled that they had to be made public because he was a public official. You don’t get to hide your prejudice, buddy!

The Louisville Metro Police Department did suspend Shaw while investigating these messages, but were really slow to actually fire him. Surprise, surprise.  However, with the nature of the messages and the outrage behind them, this couldn’t just be something swept under the rug. Shaw was eventually let go for his comments and the recruit was not hired as an officer.

It’s sad but all of this isn’t surprising. It’s terrible, though, that some of the people who have sworn to protect and serve their communities think and act like this. Thankfully, this guy is no longer able to spread his hate as a part of this force, but we can only imagine where else incidents like this take place in this country.

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