Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott Suspended For 6 Games Over Domestic Violence Charges

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The back and forth between Usher and his alleged herpes victims has once again gotten more complicated, as a hotel staffer is now claiming she was there the night he showed up!

To quickly recap, several plaintiffs — including a man — are claiming that they had sexual relations with Usher, and that he never told them that he had the STD (the diagnosis is not 100% confirmed, by the way). The only one to come out publicly so far is Quantasia Sharpton, who says Usher’s security pulled her onstage during a  concert on her birthday, after which she and the rapper went to a hotel room and got intimate.

While Usher’s made no public statement on any of this drama yet, a source close to the rapper said that he’s unequivocally denying that he ever had sex with Quantasia, claiming that she wasn’t his type. “[Usher] looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels,” according to the leak

A lot of people are interpreting that quote to be derogatory of the heavyset Quantasia — and one of those people is someone who could royally screw up Usher’s defense.

An anonymous source, who's apparently only speaking out because she doesn't like that insulting quote from Usher's camp, has told TMZ that she was working at the Days Inn Atlantic City on November 15-16th, 2014. Usher had a show in the city the night of the 15th, and there are pics of Quantasia at that event. So far, the story checks out.

This new source claims that Usher showed up after his concert, a little after midnight, and was met by Quantasia in the lobby. They quickly went up the elevator, and despite having promised the source that he’d take a picture later in the night, the rapper was never spotted coming back down again.

Different sources close to Quantasia are confirming that this hotel employee's story lines up exactly with Quantasia’s version of events. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Usher’s still not commenting because he’s preparing a defamation suit against his accusers. But with new witnesses coming forward to back up the victim’s claims, he may want to give his two cents soon!

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