Ezekiel Elliott's Recent Bar Fight Could Put His Career With The Dallas Cowboys In Jeopardy

Ezekiel Elliott arriving at the BET Awards
Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott was involved in an incident on Sunday night that could end up ruining his career.

The Dallas Cowboys running back allegedly got into a physical altercation while at Clutch Bar in Dallas. While the details are still up in the air, TMZ believes Ezekiel wasn't intentionally looking for any problems.

In fact, Ezekiel allegedly didn't get involved until a clearly intoxicated man started harassing a woman that was in Zeke's party. That's when Ezekiel punched the man, which left him crying on the ground.

See for yourself:

According to TMZ, Elliott's team says the running back was not arrested and no complaint has been filed against him. As for the NFL, they're just looking into the situation to "understand the facts."

This isn't the first time Elliott has made headlines for getting caught up in some trouble. Back in March of 2017, he pulled down a woman's top at a St. Patrick's Day festival, exposing her breast. He was also spotted visiting a recreational marijuana dispensary before a preseason game in Washington, where pot is legal.

As of right now, Elliott is in the clear, but that could easily change. The man that he punched was so drunk at the time he couldn't remember who hit him and police didn't take him seriously. 

Do you think Ezekiel should be held accountable for his actions or do you think his actions were called for? Let us know!

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