Ed Sheeran Just Revealed This One Weird Fact About Beyoncé

Ed Sheeran and Beyonce
Ringo Chiu / Stringer / Getty Images

If you're Beyoncé, chances are, you have every person on the planet wanting to reach you. And so you'd want to remain as stealthy as possible, erasing any potential digital footprint you may have in the hopes of not getting tracked by the wrong people. According to Ed Sheeran, that's exactly what Queen Bey does, and even he had a hard time contacting the star.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the "Shape of You" singer revealed that on top of being talented in, well, everything, Beyoncé is also an expert on online anonymity. He shared that the soon-to-be Lion King star only keeps an email address for a very short window of time.

"I have an email address I email [to get in touch with Beyoncé]... [The address] actually changes every week," he told ET.

He’s basically telling us that Bey is that one friend who perpetually responds to everyone with the e-mail equivalent of "new phone, who dis?"

Sheeran didn't seem to mind though, as he didn't even expect Beyoncé to reply to his email in the first place. In a The Ellen Show appearance, the hitmaker shared that he was particularly nervous about reaching out to the star about wanting to work with her on "Perfect."

“I was like, ‘I love Beyoncé. Should I ask Beyoncé?’ And then in my head, I was like, ‘She’s going to say no,’ but then I was like, ‘Well, you might as well ask.’ And she said yeah, so here we are.”

We're beyond glad he had the guts to ask because the duet is so beautiful we're in tears whenever we give it a listen.

Here's to hoping that this isn't the last time the Grammy-award winning duo decides to collaborate! When the next opportunity comes, let's hope Ed gets ahold of Bey's correct email again!

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