Dad Sets Up 'Sting Operation' To Catch 33-Year-Old Predator Trying Meet His Teen Daughter

dad predator sting op

This dad wasn’t playing AT ALL when it came to his baby girl!

After finding out a 33-year-old man was reportedly sending inappropriate messages to his 15-year-old daughter, this unidentified father in Oklahoma took the law into his own hands. The dad was monitoring his daughter’s texts and saw that Jeremy Dewayne Gibson was preying on her, and even talked of meeting up to have sex. The father filed a police report, but then saw that Jeremy and the teen actually were planning to meet up in her backyard in a tent. That’s when this dad knew he had to do something himself to protect his child.

Calling on other relatives for help, the man set up a sting operation to catch Jeremy, setting up the backyard with a tent as if his daughter was really coming out there. Sure enough, Jeremy arrived to the family’s backyard one night, and the dad jumped him on sight!

Watch the surveillance footage of the capture below…

The dad, along with his other male relatives, wrestled this dude to the ground and tied up his hands and feet while waiting on police to arrive. "I told him that he stepped into the wrong backyard, and he messed with the wrong little girl," the father revealed.

Jeremy, who wasn’t even harmed in all this, was ultimately charged with one count of using technology to engage in sexual communication with a minor. He claimed that he came to “talk” to the girl and warn her about her mistake, but cops found he had a condom on him. So, if this father hadn’t been paying attention and made this bold move, it’s highly likely that this predator would’ve gotten to his daughter…in his own backyard.

Of course, the cops don’t encourage people to try this, and, admittedly, it was a gutsy move. But what can you really say to this? A real parent would do literally anything for their children, even go all “To Catch a Predator!” 

That’s why it’s important for parents to know what’s going on with their children. Kids want to grow and become independent, as they should, but parents still have to be involved and watching from the sidelines like this dad. Parents should be open to talking to their kids about the real dangers of social media and all these other apps that people use to prey on the innocent and naive. Thankfully, nothing further happened with this little girl, and hopefully, this is a huge lesson for her in the future. 

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