This Story Of Coworkers Rallying To Buy This Man A Car Will Warm Your Cold Heart This Valentine's Day

ups worker

If you need your faith in humanity restored, or a way to warm your ice cold heart this Valentine's Day, try this story on for size.

Trenton Lewis, a 21-year-old UPS worker in Little Rock, Arkansas, really goes the extra mile for his UPS job — and by mile, we actually mean 11. No joke, Lewis would walk 11 miles a day for work. To make it on time for his 4 a.m. shift, he would leave his home before midnight each day. "I'll just be here before 4 o'clock, so it will probably take me 2 and 1/2, almost 3 hours," Lewis said. Whether it was raining, below freezing, or painfully hot, he never missed a shift. Heck, he was never even late to a shift. If that's not dedication, we don't know what is.

He took this 11-mile journey every work day for seven months in order to provide for his daughter. Father of the year? Most definitely.

"I had music in my head. I was just walking, not worried about nothing, I was just moving my feet...My job got more important to me. When I had my daughter, I knew I had to step up. I didn't have a job when she was born," Lewis told ABC 7 KATV.

A veteran driver and fellow UPS worker, Kenneth Bryant, learned of Lewis' daily trek and decided to take matters into his own hands. He figured Lewis must be extremely dedicated to walk that far just to get to work, so he rallied his co-workers to collect donations. 

It took some time and effort, but he eventually collected $1,900 and found a reliable vehicle after two others fell through. In order to make the big surprise as perfect as possible, Bryant even fixed a nick in the bumper. Then, once everything was set up, the team told Lewis there was a union meeting in the parking lot and brought him outside.

Trenton Lewis and his angel co-workers.
Image: ABC 7 KATV

Of course, there was no meeting. Instead, Bryant and the rest of the UPS workers presented Lewis with a car of his own. Lewis was, understandably, in shock. "He just pulled some keys out of his pocket, and I'm like 'That can't be mine. Those keys cannot be mine.' He brought them to me and my heart just dropped. this can't be real," he told KATV.

So, if you think hard work doesn't pay off, that's where you would be wrong. It only takes Lewis about a half hour to make the trek work now, which means he has that much more time to spend with his little girl.

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