Comparing Obama's First Month To Trump's First Month Will Make You Even Sadder About Politics In 2017

Comparing Obama's First Month To Trump's First Month Will Make You Even Sadder About Politics In 2017
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Congratulations! You’ve survived the first month of Trump’s Presidency (28 days, anyway). And if you have access to a TV or internet, you know just how scary it’s been. You should be proud of yourself for making it this far.

But memories can be short. Admit it, you likely don’t remember the first few weeks of Obama’s first term, do you? What if it was just as crazy, unpredictable and inefficient as Trump’s seems to be?

Well, here are the highlights of Obama’s first month in office, compared to Trump’s first month. Spoiler alert: Obama wins in a blowout.

Maybe most notably, Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act within the first two weeks. This legislation, in a nutshell, was a major win for discriminatory wage policies in the United States. Also on the fiscal front, he signed a $787 billion dollar stimulus bill to jumpstart an economy that’d been ravaged by the housing bubble crisis.

There’s also the small matter of his banning torture, plus sending an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan to help support the effort there. Whether you support that conflict or not, Barack inherited it, and was doing the best he could to handle the situation.

This is an abbreviated version of accomplishments, and of course he was not without his controversies, but let’s quantify it by a real poll of how the American people felt about Obama:

After one month in office, his approval rating had climbed 27%.

Now to Trump. His supporters, upon reading Obama’s claim to the Fair Pay Act, would likely point to the countless executive orders the new President’s already signed. But those are not the same as legislation/bills/laws.

Trump has signed exactly two pieces of legislation thus far, both in the final days of his first month, and both of them are specifically intended to undo environmental protections Obama put in place. Fun.

But back to those executive orders. Really, when you look at them, they’re all rather mundane. Most don’t actually do anything; and the one that does, the Muslim ban, was shut down in a matter of days for being awful.

And assuming we don’t have to talk through the countless press mishaps, blatant lies, and resignations of appointed officials (never has that happened this much, this quickly), that’s really it. Besides giving the press enough stories to last 4 Presidential terms, the Trump administration hasn’t achieved anything else.

But most telling of all is the approval rating. Remember, Obama gained 27 points in his first month. Guess how Trump is doing?


Game set match, Barry.

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