Bun B Gets Emotional While Breaking Down The Truth About Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts In Houston

Bun B
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Hurricane Harvey was a devastating natural disaster that caused a lot of property damage and claimed lives, but those who have lived through similar disasters know that it's really the days after the storm that are the toughest. 

The country united to try and help those affected by Harvey in and around Houston, and there are organizations on the ground still trying to get to people who need rescuing, but according to Houston rapper Bun B, not everyone is getting a fair shot at survival.

In a video interview with ATTN, Bun B speaks about the overcrowding at shelters in places like his hometown of Port Arthur and the politics of relief efforts by government organizations that result in the poorest neighborhoods being pushed to the bottom of the priority list. 

"We're fighting a zip code fight right now, just getting stuff into these communities." At one point the hip-hop legend broke down in tears thinking about the struggle that his people are going through and how crazy it is that normal people are getting to those in need before the government.

As states in the southeast brace themselves for Hurricane Irma this weekend, everyone is hoping that there is not a repeat of what is happening in Texas. Finding ways that you can help is as easy as a Google search, so don't wait until it is too late.

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