BREAKING: Cleveland Facebook Killer Commits Suicide After Being Found In Pennsylvania

Steve Stephens mugshot
Cleveland Police

The manhunt is finally over.

The Cleveland "Facebook Live killer" just committed suicide after being tracked down by cops in Erie, Pennsylvania. 

TMZ reported that cops last got a "ping" from Stephen's phone in Erie, which eventually led cops to search the area. After a brief pursuit, the killer's car came to a stop in the middle of a road by an elementary school.

According to police, Stephens' body was found inside his white Ford Fusion around 8 AM on Tuesday. 

The story is still developing.

This news comes shortly the family of the victim of Stephens' crime came forward to say they forgive him. 

“Each of us forgives the killer, the murderer,” Godwin-Baines told Cleveland news station FOX 8. “We want to wrap our arms around him.”

“I want him to know that God loves him,” she continued. “We love him. Yes, we’re hurt. But we have to forgive him, because if we don’t forgive him, the Bible says your Heavenly Father won’t forgive you.”

We send our thoughts and prayers to the families affected by this crime. More news to come. 

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