A Black Barber Gave A White Man A Confederate Flag Haircut & Twitter Had A Lot To Say About It

Confederate Flag Haircut
Corey Sutter / Facebook

A barber out in Oklahoma City is catching major heat for one of his recent cuts! Read this story and tell us if the customer is always right…

A white man stepped into a predominantly black barbershop in OKC called Fade N Up, and made a really bold request. The man asked head barber Demontre Heard for a Confederate flag design to be cut in his head…and, surprisingly, Demontre gave him exactly what he wanted! Corey “Scissorhands” Sutter, the owner of the shop, obviously supported the decision because he posted the pic on Facebook: 

Of course, when Corey posted the pic of the cut, he and Demontre immediately got hit with backlash, especially as they are black men! However, Demontre stood by his decision, saying that it was strictly business and not about his own personal feelings. "You have the right to your opinion," Demontre told News 9. "But at the end of the day, your opinion doesn't pay my bills, and I have kids to take care of."

The customer claimed that his request wasn’t a political move, but rather an ode to his favorite rapper. Supposedly, he wanted the cut of the flag to show support of rapper Yelawolf’s own label logo, which has stars and lightning bolts slightly resembling the flag. When Demontre told him that would be too much for his head, the man opted for the Confederate flag instead. 

Whatever the motive, this is definitely sparking a lot of debate online! Some feel that Demontre was just conducting business and looking out for him and his family, while others feel like he sold out for a few extra bucks in his pocket.

With the history behind the Confederate flag, should this barber have turned down the money or is the customer “always right?” What would you have done? 

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