Beyonce's Dad Says He Knows When The Twins Will Finally Arrive

beyonce's dad twins
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Wipe your schedules clean, Beyhive, because Beyonce's dad just narrowed down her due date.

In a recent interview on TMZ Live, Mathew Knowles was asked the question on literally everyone's minds: How much longer are we going to have to wait for the Carter heirs' arrival? 

Even though Knowles didn't know Beyonce was pregnant until he saw her legendary Instagram post about the buns in her oven (like the rest of us), he seemed pretty confident about the time frame of her upcoming due date:

"I would say more than two weeks," he said. So it's confirmed, then: The twins will probably be Geminis!

Though Knowles and Queen B have had a rocky relationship in the past, they finally made amends last year, as TMZ noted. 

And just to prove how tight he and his eldest daughter are now, Knowles whipped out a series of TEXTS with her in another interview earlier this week.

The most recent text from Bey, sent Monday, read, "Just thinking of you, miss you, I love and appreciate you," Knowles said.

“I communicate with (Beyonce and Solange) weekly,” he told a reporter. “I would describe my relationship with my daughters as loving.”

Can someone ask him to show us Beyonce's Snapchat handle next? 🕵️

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