This Powerful Video Of Girls Dancing To Beyoncè's 'Freedom' Is The Most Inspirational Thing You'll See All Week

global goals beyonce
The Global Goals/Youtube

Beyoncé taught us that girls run the world, and once again she’s backing that statement up by lending one of her signature tracks to a powerful and angry video staring young women under the age of 12.

Did that last sentence sound a little weird? Well, turns out that’s the point. Director MJ Delaney thinks that, “Happy, smiley joy doesn't really cut the mustard now. A lot has happened globally, and I wanted to do something defiant and angry and demanding."

The song is Bey’s "Freedom" and is appropriately being contributed to the #FreedomForGirls movement, which aims to promote the UN’s Global Goals — basically an ambitious idea of what the world should look like by 2030. In the case of the girls featured in the video — all aged 5 through 11 — that means an end to child trafficking and marriage, a stop to female gential mutilation, access to basic education and more.

Delaney hopes to push those completely reasonable ideals forward with her work. “Hopefully, we can use the Global Goals to define this spirit of defiance and optimism and demanding that we all feel. Every single person in the world has the ability to change something."

It’s not the director’s first contribution to the movement. Last year she produced a similar video set to the Spice Girls’ "Wannabe" (above). And regarding the evolution to this year's video, we now present the most true statement anyone’s ever said: “I feel like the only place you can go after the Spice Girls is Beyoncé."


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