Beyoncé Delivers Powerful Message About Coming Together For Hurricane Relief Telethon


As always, Beyoncé nailed it simply and perfectly: “Natural disasters don’t discriminate.”

The superstar singer was joined by several other mega celebs for a telethon supporting hurricane relief, and her message is one everyone needs to hear.

Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief was set up to provide assistance for those affected by Irma and Harvey. Beyonce’s hometown of Houston was one of those most devastated by Harvey, so you can understand why the singer is emotional about the disasters.

Here’s a transcript of the speech above:

During a time where it's impossible to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this country, just when you think it couldn't possibly get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives, leaving behind contaminated water, flooded hospitals, schools and nursing homes. And countless families are now homeless. In my home town city of Houston, people need food, clothing, cleaning supplies, blankets, shoes, diapers, and formula for babies. And, of course, clean water. The elderly need wheelchairs and kids new books and toys so they can continue to dream. It doesn't matter if you're from Third Ward or River Oaks, we're all in this together. Seeing everyone of different racial, social, and religious backgrounds put their own lives at risk to help each other survive, restored my faith in humanity.

And we're continuing to see people going in with boats. Many of them are official, acting in their official capacity. Many of them are volunteers.

True healing is in helping. Please, give what you can. The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. Just this past week, we've seen devastation from the monsoon in India, an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, and multiple catastrophic hurricanes. Irma alone has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to southern United States. We have to be prepared for what comes next. So tonight, we come together in a collective effort to raise our voices, to help our communities, to lift our spirits, and heal. Thank you.

Bey isn’t just saying the words though. She personally flew into Houston a few days ago to contribute to her BEYGood Houston organization, helping with handouts for those suffering.

If you’d like to learn more about or contribute to the Hand in Hand program, you can do so here.

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