Jackie Christie And Evelyn Lozada Have A Screaming Match In 'Basketball Wives: L.A.' Reunion Sneak Peek

Jackie Christie

All the tea is about to be spilled on the upcoming "Basketball Wives: L.A." reunion show, and we just got a sneak peek at some of the drama to come. 

Jackie Christie has been getting some major side-eye from fans of the show since her daughter Ta'kari Lee published a tell-all book filled with juicy details about Jackie's scamming past and their far from perfect relationship as mother and daughter. 

It doesn't look like Jackie's reputation as a mother will be helped by the reunion episode, as the teaser clip reveals that she doesn't even know Ta'kari's baby's birthday! Watch the reactions to that shocking news in the video below, and watch as Jackie and Evelyn go at it over a $3,500 donation Evelyn made to Ta'kari's GoFundMe when the baby was severely injured at daycare.

The episode is set to air on Monday, August 14 at 9 p.m., but Jackie isn't waiting that long to try to clear her name. She took to Instagram this week to share screenshots of recent interactions with her daughter to show that they do talk. One of the text messages was from January and included a photo of the family, and another was Ta'kari wishing Jackie a Happy Mother's Day this past May.

So is there a valid excuse for not knowing your grandchild's birthday? And does Jackie have the right to question Evelyn's motives behind donating all that money to her daughter and grandson? Monday needs to hurry up because we need to see how it all goes down in the studio!

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