50 Cent Is Taking His Talents To BET, Tells Fans To Cancel Starz Subscriptions After The 'Power' Finale

50 Cent

When it comes to Power, 50 Cent does not play around. He's gotten into it on social media with everyone from showrunners to his competition, and now 50 Cent is allegedly beefing with the network that broadcasts the show.

Back in August, 50 threatened to take Power off of Starz because he felt like they weren't doing enough to keep the popular show alive. According to The Root, 50 got pissed off again over Labor Day weekend and told his fans to cancel their Starz subscriptions after watching his show to show the network who really has the power!

"I don’t think the STARZ network realize [you're] watching POWER because it’s my show," he allegedly wrote in an Instagram caption that has since been deleted. "So take STARZ out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet. #50centralbet.”

50 also called Power "the biggest invisible show ever" and thanked all of the actors for being great. "If I don’t shake things up nothing’s gonna change. It’s a damn shame I have to prove I can move the audience."

Now that he has a new show over on BET, there are rumors that 50 Cent will try to find Power a new home there too, but for now it's still a Starz exclusive. Since everyone reported on the post, Fifty's deleted the post so it's possible that he was just in his feelings at the time, but this is becoming a trend.

We'll see if Starz responds.

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