14 Black Girls Missing Within 24 Hours With No Media Coverage. Let's Fix This And Find Our Girls.

14 Black Girls Missing Within 24 Hours With No Media Coverage. Let's Fix This And Find Our Girls.
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It's times like these we're thankful for social media. 14 black girls have gone missing in D.C. within the past 24 hours with very little media coverage, leaving most of the world in the dark. 

But then, the hashtag #MissingDCGirls was born. The passionate voices of Black Twitter came together to ask two questions: Why the hell are all these black and brown girls missing? And how come no one is doing anything about it? 

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, approximately 462 out of 708 people missing in the D.C. area were juveniles. Thankfully, most of them were located and returned home, leaving about 95 percent of reported cases closed.

But what about the other 5 percent?

Well, that other 5 percent is still missing. There are 37 juveniles that have been reported missing since January that have not been found, according to the Huffington Post.

And every single one of those juveniles is either black or Latinx. Are you seeing the problem here?

“How often do you see an Amber alert for a missing black or brown kid?” said Derrica Wilson, the co-founder of The Black and Missing Foundation. “They like to classify our kids as runaways [and] runaways do not get the Amber Alert.”

The first step to finding a missing person is sending out an Amber Alert, which black and brown kids rarely receive because law enforcement sees them as "runaways." The second step is actually putting in effort to find them, which is usually reserved for the blonde white girls.

The FBI spends weeks looking for inanimate objects like Tom Brady's jersey but they can't bother to send out an Amber Alert for a young black girl? The media covers every little detail about a white woman's abduction yet they think 14 black girls missing within 24 hours isn't news-worthy? 

Can you even imagine the outrage if 5, 10, 14 white girls went missing within 24 hours? 

And hey, #AllLivesMatter crowd. If you really believe all lives matter, how come the D.C. town hall meeting about their missing girls wasn't as diverse? 

We might not be able to trust the mainstream media to spread the news. We definitely aren't expecting Jeff Sessions to save the day either. That's why Black lawmakers and activists are doing everything they can to bring these girls home.

In a letter discovered by the Associated PressCedric Richmond and Eleanor Holmes Norton called on Jeff Sessions and James Comey to “devote the resources necessary to determine whether these developments are an anomaly or whether they are indicative of an underlying trend that must be addressed.”

Let's get down to business and find our #MissingDCGirls.

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